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New Format

Starting the week of November 5th, 2012, will begin to display one of 5 sagas Monday through Friday.

Each day will be relegated to its own individual saga.

It will be as follows:

Mondays: Starshot Chronicles

Tuesdays: Stealth

Wednesdays: Tech Radius

Thursdays: Southern Hospitality

Fridays: Mind Games

This way each day you’d be able to enjoy a story and want to come back each and every week to see what is going on with your favorite characters.

Each saga will have its own site full of information on the characters and locales in the stories.

There will be merchandise you can buy as well from in the future of your favorite characters.

I will even have sketches displayed of your favorite characters as well.


-Bryan Rainey

Founder of RaineyPress and

Author of Starshot Chronicles, Stealth, Tech Radius, Southern Hospitality, and Mind Games.

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New Releases of the past week 10.6.2012

Now you can check out Starshot Chronicles: Episode 1: Starshot Chronicles both at the Nook and Kindle stores for $0.99.

Join Starragaar in her adventures in the Starshot Chronicles universe. You will see her friends new and old come together in this episodic saga of short stories. Every 7 episodes will be collected into one volume and be priced at $2.99.

Also, you can find the 2nd Episode of the Starshot Chronicles, A New Arrival in these stores as well.

Furthermore, you can join the cyber adventures of the cyber realm guardian in Tech Radius: Version 1.1: Resurrection now available in these same stores.

Just follow the links below to these stories:

Starshot Chronicles:

Tech Radius

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