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Episode 1: Resurrection pt 1

Below the Temple of Technus, the locks upon a sealed tomb begin to open one by one. Stale air rushes out from the containment pod as light shines into the total darkness encasing the figures within. The figure opens his eyes, as his circuits begin to reactivate and reboot his systems. Wearily, he steps out of the containment pod. For a few steps he stumbles, before falling to his knees.

“I’ve been reawakened from my slumber,” he mutters to himself. “Why?”

“I can answer that, my friend,” A silhouetted figure says standing in the doorway of the tomb.

Quickly, the weary warrior with bright blue circuitry lunges at the silhouetted figure while pulling an ionic blade from his back. He lands pointing the blade at the silhouetted priest. The red circuited priest, whose binary design is on the cuffs of his robe and trimms his hood, does not flinch as the ionic blade rests upon his neck.

“Away with the blade, Guardian,” the priest calmly states. “I have been expecting you.”

“Oh? Really?” Quizzically asks the guardian as he lowers his ionic blade. “Who are you, priest?”

“Priest, that I am.” he says walking out of the tomb as he pulls away his hood. “My name is Cardinale, Tech Radius.”

“And you know my name, how?” Tech asks as he looks down upon the priest, he stands nearly a foot taller than Cardinale.

“Not many remember anymore, my friend. The legends just state that a guardian freed the system from the Overlord of Chaos, known as Diablius the Harbringer.”

“Yes, I vaguely recall him.” Tech says as they start to walk through the catacombs. “But that seems to be one of my last memories.”

“Really?” Cardinale asks. “You helped secure the system and set forth the new regulations for the system.

“I don’t recall that.” Tech remarks as they near the lift to leave the catacombs to the main floor of the temple.

“Don’t worry. It’s been all thrown out anyways,” the priest tells the guardian.

“So what’s the problem?” Tech asks as they reach the lift.

“A security breach is causing havoc and chaos once again,” Cardinale says as he pushes the button for the lift to open.”

“Ah, now that makes sense.” Tech remarks as the lift door opens. “What are we up against?”

“It’s worse than before. the problem has spread throughout three systems already.” Cardinale says as they enter the lift.

“A quarter of the cyber realm,” Tech mutters as the lift door shut behind them. “I will need my team and battle chips.”

“Your old chips won’t be enough,” Cardinale told him as they start to head through several sublevels to reach the surface. “However, new ones were created to help, if any further uprisings by the Chaos Command.”

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