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Episode 1: The Prodigal Brother Returns

Cyprus Falls, Lester’s Diner

It was late in the evening, Elise is serving coffee to a strange gentleman on the edge of the small town of Cyprus Falls. The curly brunette waitress, wearing a blue uniform trimmed in white with a white apron, sense something is off about the pale face gentleman to whom she is serving. When the cup reaches half full he stops her.

“Thank you,” his melodic voice says. “That will be all.”

Elise stops pouring the coffee and walks away feeling as though she has just been dismissed making her irked. She continues on over to the counter where a couple of her coworkers, fellow waitresses, are staring at the strange pale faced gentleman. Elise looks at them rather quizzically.

“Don’t bother,” Elise tells the blonde, Heather, and the red-headed, Katie, waitresses.

“Oh?” They both remark with brow raised.

“He’s rude and rather smug.”

“But he is so gorgeous,” Heather says as she plays with her curly locks. “Look at his calm demeanor.”

Another strange pale skinned gentleman, similar in stature, joins the first shortly afterwards. This gentleman, loosely describes him, snaps his fingers for Elise to come back to the table and serve him.

“Brother, why must you always be so rude?” quips the first pale faced gentleman, wearing a fine dark blue blazer with grey shirt underneath and matching dark blue slacks with black boots.

“Ah, come off it, Will,” the black leather jacketed pale face gentleman states as Elise returns to the table a little angry. He motions for the same as his brother. Elise runs to get the coffee and rushes back. She fills his cup nearly full before dismissing her like a servant.

“Robert, she’s not your servant,” William spouts to his younger brother.

“You some sort of saint now?!?” Robert, a blond headed gentleman, tells his brother, the bronze-haired gentleman.

“No. I just think you should use some manners, dear brother.”William says to his younger brother.


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