Episode 1: The Prodigal Brother Returns

08 Nov

“Oh please, Will. You teach me manners after all this time,” Robert says cynically. “I doubt it. I know my ettiquette, brother. I choose to ignore it. So don’t even try.”

“All right. All right. If that’s the way you choose to be.” William says throwing his hand up into the air. “After 300 years, I’ve learned not to argue with you, brother. Utterly pointless.”

“True.” Robert says combing his slick backed hair. “So why did you want to meet here? We’re a little out in the opn, aren’t we?”

“Not really. Look around, Robert,” William says non-chanantly. “How many people here have actually ordered food?”

“Hmm.” Robert says looking around the dining room. There are booths and tables filled with patrons. But most are just sitting, talking, and drinking coffee. Very few, sporadically throughout the diner, are actually eating. “I see your point, Will. But we’ve got problems.”

“The hunters found your trail?”

“Yep, sorry.” 

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