Episode 1: The Prodigal Brother Returns

08 Nov

“‘S okay, Robert,” William says calmly. “We’ll take care of them. Besides, I doubt we’ll be the only one who they’ll occupy their time with. I’m sure of that.”

“Yeah, I smelled ’em, too. Lupine, vermin.”

“Careful, brother. some may be here.”

“Gotcha.” Robert says to William as he begins to get a little anxious. “Something’s not right, Will. I suggest we need to leave.”

“All right,” he says as he stands up and, then, pulls out a twenty from his pocket to cover the bill and the tip.

As William and Robert begin to leave the restaurant, three burly bikers walk in the door and block their path.

“Going some where, Stromhold,” the biggest blond bearded biker says as he pokes a finger in the chest of Robert. William rolls his eyes and sighs.


“What? I didn’t do anything, Will. I swear.”

“Then, who are these ogres?”

“I don’t know,” Robert answers.

“Who you calling an ogre, scrawny?” the biggest biker says as he tuns towards William. On the bikers left arm is a heart tatoo with a wooden stake through it with a ribbon across it. On the ribbon is the word HUNTER.

William grabs his hand and twists his arm. The largest biker falls to the ground on hyis knees writhing in pain.

“Let me go,” he pleads as he holds his left arm, the one being twisted, with his right hand.

“Then, leave us be.”

“Okay. Okay. Okay. Go.”

William releases his arm. The largest biker rubs his left arm as William and Robert leave the restaurant.

“Thor?” the youngest, most eager of the three says as he reaches behind his back.

“Let ’em go, Rocco. We’ll see them soon enough.” Thor says rubbing his bearded chin.

“You okay, boss?” the Russian says with a heavy Ukranian accent.

“Yeah, Vlad, peachy. Remember this boys. Stromhold has a brother. We take ’em out separately.”

“Da, one by one,” Vladimir states as he watches the Stromhold brothers drive away.

Who exactly are Vlad, Rocco, and Thor?

What exactly are Robert and William?

Find out in the next exciting episode of Southern Hosapitality 

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