Episode 2: A New Arrival

12 Nov

Using his strength, the tan furred farmer rips the smoking flight suit, gloves and boots from the pilot’s body. Upon her body he sees even more bruises, cuts, and burn marks. They are starting to heal but at a very slow rate. Janeeri, over the next hour, does his best to bandage the female pilot to keep the wounds from getting infected. Afterwards, he covers her up. that’s when he notices that she is spiking a fever.

After moving her gear and clothing out of the way, Janeeri goes into his bathroom and wets a wash rag with cold water. Then, after wringing it dry, he places it upon the forehead of the pilot. Sebasti limps into the room while Janeeri works on the pilot carrying the mangled weapon. He drops the weapon at Janeeri’s feet. For the time being, Janeeri kicks it out of the way.

Then, shortly after Sebasti jumps on the bed, Janeeri checks out each one of his legs and he quickly finds that Sebasti’s left hind leg is tender. So he wraps up the leg after putting healing ointment upon it. Content with the treatment from his master, the brawker curls at the feet of the pilot and goes to sleep.

Noticing the lateness of the hour, Janeeri rushes out to the garden. Using his speed, it takes him almost no time to plant the seeds into the ground and place soil on top of them. Then, he returns his tools, quickly, into the shed, at the back of the cottage, as the twilight hour begins to fall upon him.

After entering his cottage through the backdoor, he immediately heads for the wardrobe in his bedroom to grab clean clothes for himself. Janeeri, then, heads into the bathroom and showers to get the mud and muck off his body. Once in clean clothes, he heads into the kitchen. From one of the cabinets above the sink, Janeeri pulls out a squared double old fashioned glass. In that glass he place two ice cubes. He picks up a nearby glass flask and pours his glass half full of Dartillian Root ale.

He sips his drink as he walks through the living room over the study, just beyond his brick chimney. In there, he pulls a book from the nearest shelf upon the wall. He carries the book with him back into the master bedroom, where the female pilot is sleeping soundly. Janeeri places the glass on the nightstand as he sits down in the rocking chair opposite the nightstand from the bed. As the shadows from Valendale Woods begin to fall upon the cottage, the bugs of the night can be heard chirping as well as hooting from the hootras.

He reads a book, which he picked up in Parrenthia weeks ago, while rocking in the chair next to the bed. As the night drones on, he becomes sleepy himself. Janeeri finishes his drink. then, he sits the book down on the nightstand next to his glass before he turns off the lamp. Then, he falls asleep in the rocker.

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