Episode 2: Origins Pt 2

13 Nov

Storm City General Midtown Hospital, ICU Room 27…

Michael lies near the brink of death in a hospital bed. He has been unconscious since the paramedics brought him in from Dossier Park, several days ago. His sister, Deborah is worried that he might not make it. Withoutthe doctor’s knowledge, she used her healing powers upon her brother and her best friend.

Michael awakens this early morning as the sun shines in through his window. Tubes go in and out every orafice upon Michael’s body Furthermore, wires connect him to various monitoring devices. Deborah still at his side, barely awake herself, nods to her brother to acknowledge that he is awake.

“Doctors!” Deborah, a petite brunette with chocolate brown eyes, screams from her brother’s room.

A nurse and doctor quickly respondThe tan skinned nurse with dark brown eyes, Lithaela Shivshander, and the tall statuesque blond doctor, Caleb Tudor, enter the room. The doctor begins taking Michael’s vitals as some of the tubes are now removed.

Michael gags as they remove the breathing tube, they used to intebate him, from his throat. After it is completely removed he coughs.

“Debbie…” he barely says.

“Hold on there, Mr. Reynolds,” Dr. Tudor says to his patient, who is looking up at him with a little disdain. “Your throat is going to hurt for a few hours. Limit your talking. Let it rest.”

With a grimmace, Michael nods in agreement. He rubs his throat as Dr. Tudor writes down the vitals in his chart.

“Outside of that, you’re vitals are good.” Caleb says looking over the chart. “We’re gonna keep you here for another day or two for observation. then you’ll be able to go home, Mr. Reynolds.”

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