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Episode 3: A History Lesson

Isis Hills, the Next Morning…

Kayla awakens to the sounds of birds chirping. For the first time in years, she feels at peace. The raven headed beauty hardly remebers the previous night.

It all seems like a dream. She thought to herself as she looks around the room filled with vibrant colors of pink and purple, her favorites. Suddenly, a red flag goes off in her head. This room seems awfully familiar.

And it should young one, Kayla hears in her head as she realizes that last night was not a dream after all. This is, after all, your own bedroom from when you were little.

Who are you?!? Kayla thought as she curiously looks around the room rapidly looking for her mother.

A friend of your mother’s. She hears in her head as the doorknob begins to turn.

“Actually, more than a friend,” the middle-aged 47-year-old hispanic man says to her as he walks in with a tray of food, i.e. eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice.

“Oh?!?” Kayla retorts “Why should I believe you?!?”

“You have your mother’s wit, my dear.” He says sitting the tray before her. “Here. Eat this. You need your strength. And if you need proof, scan my thoughts.”

She does with his help. 

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