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The New Year will be spectacular

Rainey Press will have new stories coming out nearly every month of 2013. David and Bryan are going to start it with a bang.

Bryan Rainey will be releasing 4 new stories. Wedded Chaos, the follow up to A New Arrival is slated to be the first as the Starshot Chronicles continues. Then, the release of Resurrection, the first of the Tech Radius series will be released. Followed by the first from Spellshot, Inquisition, and the first from Dragonshot, Dragons Awaken.

David Bennett has 3 on the slate for January release. Prodigal Brother, first of Southern Hospitality; A New Life, the first of Mind Games; and the first part to Moontripper, which is yet unnamed.

It looks as though January and the coming months look great for all of us here at Rainey Press. As always, put books will be first available from, the Kindle store, and for the Nook.

Check out this blog and the blogs of Bryan Rainey ( and David Bennett (

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New Blogs

Check out the blogs of Rainey Press’ authors, Bryan Rainey and David Bennett.

These two authors are coming up with some wonderful works.

Their birthday is December 18th. So wish these two gentlemen a happy birthday!

Bryan Rainey’s first work, A New Arrival (A Starshot Chronicles novella) was just released on, and soon to come from Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony, and is, also, available on for the kindle. And at right now you can get a free copy of A New Arrival until Dec 31st by using coupon code: ZQ47S. The second Starshot Chronicles, Wedded Chaos, will be available in January 2013. Furthermore, Resurrection (the first Tech Radius novella) will be available in January 2013 as well.

David Bennett’s first work, Prodigal Brother (A Southern Hospitality novella) will be available from the same online retailers in January 2013.

Check it out and let the authors know what you think.


Dewayne Rainey

Founder, CEO Rainey Press


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The Docks…

Kayla Sanders, frazzled and tired, wanders around the docks, while stumbling and swaying back and forth, as she searches for the mysterious voice in her head. She searches frantically to no avail. Kayla, then, senses that some one is with her in the docks watching her every movement.

“Where are you?!?” she screams aloud. “I know you’re here! Where are you?!? Show yourself!”

From the shadows a masked man, in a long overcoat with a brimmed brown felt hat with red band, walks out. His eyes are glowing a greenish hue as the objects around him begin to float in the air. Now for your first test, young one.

He, then, throws a dumpsters towards the back of Kayla without using a muschle. Kayla realizes that something is coming at her from behind. She quickly turns around. With the power of her mind, Kayla unleashes a fury of extremely hot fire which melts the green dumpster about ten feet from her. Anger begins to swell within Kayla. Why was he doing this to her?

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Episode 7: Prisoner

Darkwind Keep, Dungeons…

GAVIN TAVISCHOLM sits in a cell on the southern side of the dungeons below Darkwind Keep. The window on the wall just beyond his cell faces the lands of the Frost Giants. The sun, lowering over the Davor Mountains sends a shadow through the bars of his cell over his body. Stripped of his crown, his armor, and his dignity, Gavin was put into an orange jumpsuit with metal bracers around each wrist. Instead of his normal war boots, Gavin now wears flat bottomed, soft soled shoes. He sets his head into his hands and sweat drip from his long string silver hair and brow.

“My men turned on me,” Gavin mutters to himself. “and now I am trapped in this hell hole.”

“Ach, me boyo, do ye not remember ye teachings,” a spirit says with a Scottish-like accent.

“Master, Master Sheratin?”

“Ach, ye actually remember me.”

“I have no key.”

“Boyo, ye’ve lived on this rock too long. Ye have the power to get out on ye own. Ye need no key. Look within.”

Then, the spirit of Gavin’s former master disappears. A determination, a resolves swells to the surface within Gavin.

“He’s right! Time to leave!”

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“Your what?!?” both Recon and Cardinale say to Tech.

“You heard me right,” Tech emphatically replies to them. “But right now, I need to know the status of my team.”

“Well, that may be a problem,” Cardinale says to Tech.

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t know exactly where everyone is. Just who survived the last battle for system freedom.”

“I know a way,” Tech says. “But it’s kinda of tricky.”


“Plug me into the computer.” Tech says to Recon and Cardinale.

“Um, where?” Recon asks.

“Through the port on my back.”

Recon goes around to the back of Tech Radius with a connection cable extending from the computer terminal. She is puzzled when looking around Tech’s backside and cannot find the terminal port.

“Where on your back, did you say?”

“Lower portion of my back in the middle. In between the sabres on the action extension. Shove it up between them.”

Recon does as instructed and Tech jerks a little.

“Right there?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he twinges. “That’s the spot.”

Tech, then walks over to the computer terminal and types in an older programming code to send an encoded message out to all System Retrieval members. He received pingbacks from every one of the team.

“Unplug me.”

Quickly, Recon yanks out the cable.

“Yeeahhh!” Tech spurts out. “A little more gently next time.”

“Sorry,” Recon replies with a finger to her lips to portray her innocense. 

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Another Author’s contest

Check out this link:

This is a chance for a $100 amazon gift card. Cassie Alexander publishes a series about a nurse who works in a hospital wing of the paranormal.

Check it out.



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Check it out.

Check out this post:

Christine Rose an amazing author of the Rowan of the Woods series is having a contest for a $50 Amazon gift card. Just follow the link above and follow her questions.



Founder/ CEO, Rainey Press

Author, Starshot Chronicles / Mind Games/ Southern HospitalityTech Radius/ Stealth

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