Episode 5: Attack in the Night

03 Dec

Gavin, Vanolin, and Janeeri head out of the bedroom towards the living room. As Gavin and Vanolin continue on towards the living room, Janeeri detours into the kitchen. He pulls 3 squared double old-fashioned (dof) glasses with rounded corners. He places each glass on a tray upon his kitchen counter.

“Hey, Van, can you put the helmet on the desk in my study,” Janeeri calls out from the kitchen as his puts ice cubes into each glass using a pair of small tongs. He, then, places the ice bucket back within the preserver, a refrigerator/ freezer-like appliance.

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Thanks,” Janeeri says as he opens a large flask and then pours the Dartillian Root Ale, a cognac-like drink made from a sarsaparilla-like root, into each glass.

Janeeri puts the flask down onto the counter with the cork back in. He, then, takes the tray from the counter and walks into the living room as Vanolin returns from the study.

“What drink, bro?” Vanolin asks as he sits down upon a blue plush chair made from red valen, a mahogany-like, wood.

“Dartillian Root Ale,” Janeeri replies as he passes out the glasses.

“Awesome,” the shoulder length blond knight exclaims.

After putting the tray on the coffee table in between the two chairs and the couch, all made of the red valen with deep blue cushions; Janeeri sits upon the couch. He take a sip when he hears a question that Vanolin obviously raised earlier in the day with Gavin.

“Sir, you said soon that I would know what a Bengaali is?” he asks Gavin. This raised the brow of Janeeri as he sips his drink.

“Oh, yes, Vanolin, sorry.” the king politely says to one of his most trusted knights. “A Bengaali, well to be frank, boys, Starragaar is a Bengaali.”

“What do you mean?” Janeeri asks. “How do you know this?”

“Only a handful of people know my true origins.” Gavin states to the Rillon brothers. “About thirty years ago, I crash landed here on Rayna near Isaon. Your mentor, Lord Gaalin, brought me back to his manor. He and his wife nursed me back to health. He brought me with him, after I regained my health, to Darkwind Keep where a young king, Marcus Vasher, knighted me. I led Darkwind Keep during some glorious battles. Quickly, I rose in the ranks. My popularity caused dissention amongst the forces and the ensuing coup, unexpectantly, allowed me to rise to the position of King of Darkwind Keep. However, to honor Marcus, I put him second-in-command of the Keep due to his leadership abilities. He still blames me to this day. Your father, Gaireth, died in this coup.”

“So you’re an alien?!?” Vanolin asks brashly.

“I like to think off-worlder, son.” Gavin retorts. “My time spent traversing the stars is how I met Starragaar and her family.”

“Whoa.” both Janeeri and Vanolin say together.

Then, looking out the front window, Gavin notices the sun setting over the DavorMountains just beyond Valendale Woods. The time of day shocked Gavin. He knew instantly that they needed to head out. Gavin points at the window and nods to Vanolin. Both put their glasses upon the tray.

“Been fun, bro,” Vanolin says. “But we’ve got to go. Got to clear Valendale Woods before the night fall.”

“All right, I understand.” Janeeri says as the three stand up. He, then, walks them to the door. “Be careful you two. Dangerous creatures come out this time of night.”

“We will bro. Take care.” Vanolin says as he hugs his brother. Janeeri reciprocates.

“You, too.”

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