Episode 6: Starragaar Awakens

10 Dec

After they leave the room, Tara shuts the door behind them. “Stand up.”

Starragaar, wobbly, gets out of bed and is barely able to stand. She and Tara are about the same height and build. However, Starragaar’s bone structure is denser than most. Quickly, Tara realizes that, eventually, Starragaar would require a whole new wardrobe even down to the skivvies.

The auburn headed ranger rummages through Janeeri’s wardrobe to find what would be acceptable for Starragaar to wear. It takes the better part of an hour before Starragaar is even, remotely, ready.

“Can you hand me my plasmasabre?”

“Your what?!?”

“The cylindrical object on the belt over there.”

“Oh, here.” Tara takes it off the utility belt and tosses it over to Starragaar. She fumbles it and the plasmasabre hits the ground breaking open. “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault, Tara. My reflexes haven’t caught up yet. Just have to build a new one.”


“Hand me the mangled sword.”

“Here.” Tara says handing it to Starragaar who quickly snaps the blade off and thrusts it aside. She, then, guts the hilt. With the innards of the previous plasmasabre and her utility belt, Starragaar constructs a new harness to fit inside the hilt of the ancient sword. After sliding it into the hilt, she locks it into place.

“Step beside me,” Starragaar says. Tara does so and Starr brings the plasmasabre to life. The purple extends about two feet from the hilt.

“Whoa.” Tara says as Starragaar shuts off the plasmasabre and attaches it to her belt.

Then, the two walk out of the bedroom. Janeeri sees some modifications to some of his clothing, but is okay with it. Starragaar has her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is wearing a white tank top under a deep blue jacket with gold trimming. Her pants are deep blue as well with gold trimming over a pair of hiking boots. A hole is cut out for her tail. Upon her belt is her new plasmasabre, with a tiger head upon the hilt. An in each ear, she is wearing three small gold loop earrings.

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