Episode 6: Starragaar Awakens

10 Dec

“What’s this?!?” Starragaar asks seeing a black rectangular box upon the table. There is a note beside it, handwritten, her name spelled as best as possible.

To Staragar

“Um, nice try, but it’s misspelled. I’ll show you later.”

“Open it.”

Starragaar opens it. Inside the box, is a choker chain, black soft leather with a golden heart. Upon the heart four letters are etched: JR SR. The letters ‘JR’ are atop the letters ‘SR’.

“It’s beautiful,” Starr remarks handing the choker chain to Tara. “If you would, please.”

Tara places necklace on Starragaar’s neck and tightens the clasp. After Tara removes her hands, Starragaar walks over to Janeeri. The Sentinel Guardian stands on her tippy toes, grabs Janeeri’s face, and passionately kisses him.

Both Tara and Janeeri begin to hoot and holler. Starragaar begins to blush. She stops kissing Janeeri. While still holding his neck, Starr puts her head into his chest and begins to smile.

“All right, guys, cut it out,” Janeeri says with a little anger in his voice. Then he sets Starragaar on the ground flat footed. “Now it’s my turn to get ready and armed.”

“You know what, you’re probably right,” Vanolin remarks smugly.

Suddenly, Starragaar unleashes her bone claws, from her fist, to the surprise of Tara.

“Well, you’re full of surprises,” Tara states.

“Oh, I have a few more,” Starragaar says with a crooked smile on her face.

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