17 Dec

The Docks…

Kayla Sanders, frazzled and tired, wanders around the docks, while stumbling and swaying back and forth, as she searches for the mysterious voice in her head. She searches frantically to no avail. Kayla, then, senses that some one is with her in the docks watching her every movement.

“Where are you?!?” she screams aloud. “I know you’re here! Where are you?!? Show yourself!”

From the shadows a masked man, in a long overcoat with a brimmed brown felt hat with red band, walks out. His eyes are glowing a greenish hue as the objects around him begin to float in the air. Now for your first test, young one.

He, then, throws a dumpsters towards the back of Kayla without using a muschle. Kayla realizes that something is coming at her from behind. She quickly turns around. With the power of her mind, Kayla unleashes a fury of extremely hot fire which melts the green dumpster about ten feet from her. Anger begins to swell within Kayla. Why was he doing this to her?

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