17 Dec

Before Kayla has time to contemplate why she is being attacked, another object, a large steel rod, flies at Kayla. This time, instead of melting the object, she stops the rod in mid-air and sends it right back at her mysterious friend.

The stranger dodges the steel rod and, then, lowers his guard to welcome in Kayla as he comes into the nearest street light on the docks. Kayla sees the stranger in a brown overcoat and a fedora come into the light as she breathes heavily while trying to catch her breath. She is frothing at the mouth with madness in her eyes as she seethes in anger.

“I repeat, who… are… you?” the raven headed mental patient asks the stranger who looks upon her.

“Welcome, Kayla,” the stranger with glowing green eyes says to her. “come with me and I will show you how to control your powers.”

“I think I can manage on my own,” Kayla says to him as the stranger looks smugly at her.

“Is that so?” he asks. “So how long do you think you can keep the voices out of your head. they will eventually come back and much stronger. Right now I am blocking the voices from your head.”

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