17 Dec

That is not true, I am the one doing that,” Kayla angrily says as she starts to walk towards the stranger.

“Is that so?” he wryly asks Kayla as he removes the block from her head. The voices do indeed return, bringing the young woman down to her knees.

“Make it stop,” she pleads as the voices begin to overwhelm her. She grabs her head as the pain intensifies. “Please, help me.”

“All right.”

The stranger, then, returns the block back into her head and the voices once again disappear. The sweaty, dishelved woman wearily gets back up onto her feet. It takes her several moments to get back onto her feet, after the sheer mental and physical exhaustion she is feeling.

“Thank you,” she wearily whispers to the stranger as she stammers towards him. “What’s your name?”

“Mystid.” Kayla barely manages to hear as she collapses into his arms.

Just rest little one. Now to return to headquarters.

Mystid, then, carries Kayla, in his arms, back into the shadows and disappears into the night.


What will become of Kayla?

Where has Mystid taken her?

Who is Mystid?

Find out in the next episode of Mind Games…

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