17 Dec

“Your what?!?” both Recon and Cardinale say to Tech.

“You heard me right,” Tech emphatically replies to them. “But right now, I need to know the status of my team.”

“Well, that may be a problem,” Cardinale says to Tech.

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t know exactly where everyone is. Just who survived the last battle for system freedom.”

“I know a way,” Tech says. “But it’s kinda of tricky.”


“Plug me into the computer.” Tech says to Recon and Cardinale.

“Um, where?” Recon asks.

“Through the port on my back.”

Recon goes around to the back of Tech Radius with a connection cable extending from the computer terminal. She is puzzled when looking around Tech’s backside and cannot find the terminal port.

“Where on your back, did you say?”

“Lower portion of my back in the middle. In between the sabres on the action extension. Shove it up between them.”

Recon does as instructed and Tech jerks a little.

“Right there?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he twinges. “That’s the spot.”

Tech, then walks over to the computer terminal and types in an older programming code to send an encoded message out to all System Retrieval members. He received pingbacks from every one of the team.

“Unplug me.”

Quickly, Recon yanks out the cable.

“Yeeahhh!” Tech spurts out. “A little more gently next time.”

“Sorry,” Recon replies with a finger to her lips to portray her innocense. 

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