Rainey Press

Rainey Press is the imprint that Bryan Rainey uses to publish his stories under. Each of the stories are part of episodic sagas. There are currently five sagas that he is working on: Starshot ChroniclesTech Radius, Mind Games, Southern Hospitality, and Stealth

  • Starshot Chronicles: the adventures of Starragaar who crashlands upon the world of Rayna, known to those in this universe as the first planet colonized by the human race after the destruction of Terra Prime (Earth).
  • Tech Radius: the adventures of Tech Radius, the cyber guardian, as he strives to save the entire cyber realm from being taken over by the wurm virus, Decimator, who is corrupting systems across the cyber realm.
  • Mind Games: the adventures of Kayla Sanders as she sets to infiltrate the criminal orginzation of her grandfather, Octavio Remendez, to help the government sanctioned superhero group, the Elites.
  • Southern Hospitality: a horror/ romance saga of the Stromhold family in Cyprus Falls and its effects on Elise Matthews and her friends.
  • Stealth: the adventures of the superhero of Storm City, who uses various staff weapons to help defeat his foes.


The Author

Bryan Rainey is an author from Spring, Texas, which is located just north of the city of Houston, Texas. There he lives with his wife, Brandy, and his son, Ethan. His first published work is Starshot Chronicles: Episode 1: Escape from the Coalition.


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