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Reworking of novels

Currently I am reworking my stories into their novella format.

I will make sure they are available for as many readers or devices as possible. Furthermore, you will even have the opportunity to buy them in print if you so desire.

I appreciate those who have followed this site and hope that you continue to do so. I will post information on the site on a regular basis.

Every Friday I will try to bring you a back-up story that goes along with the novella series that I am working on. This back-up story is integral to the characters involved but not the overall story of the series.

Come back and join us in this new endeavor.


-Bryan Rainey

Founder, Rainey Press

Author, Starshot Chronicles, Stealth, Southern Hospitality, Mind Games, & Tech Radius


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Episode 3: Originis Pt 3

Greenwood Cemetery…

Michael stands atop a hill overlooking the ceremony of his love, Lind McKay. He could not face the McKays himself, but he still had to pay his respects, even if from afar. Tears come to his eyes as the wind whips around him while person after person lays white roses upon the coffin of Linda McKay. His sister, Deborah, follows up by placing the locket he gave to her upon the casket. A request of his to his sister.

“My heart goes with you, my love,” he murmurs to himself as a detective of the Storm City Police Department comes to his side.

“Here.” he says placing the ring in Michael’s hand. “I though you might want this.”

“Thank you, Trevor,” he says to the dark haired detective as he places sunglasses over his now light sensitive eyes.

“I promise you, Michael, we will find Linda’s killers.”

“You better get to them before I do.”

“Don’t do anything stupid, Michael,” he tells the angry, heart broken young man.

“Hey, it’s me.” Michael says sarcastically with a huge grin.

“That’s why I warned you.” Trevor says to his friend. “This may be bigger than you think. Your curiosity tends to ruffle feathers.”

“Fine, Trevor.” Michael responds unenthusiastically. “I’ll leave it alone. For now.

“I promise to keep you informed.”

“That’s all I can ask.”

Trevor, then, turns and walks down the hill over to the road where his car, a 1997 silver Chevrolet Malibu, was located. Michael hears the motor turn as he watches the funeral attendees leave. As the Malibu leaves the cemetery, Deborah looks up atop the hill where she thought someone was standing earlier. Then, she hears the roar of a motorcycle.

What are you up to Michael?

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Episode 2: Origins Pt 2

Storm City General Midtown¬†Hospital, ICU Room 27…

Michael lies near the brink of death in a hospital bed. He has been unconscious since the paramedics brought him in from Dossier Park, several days ago. His sister, Deborah is worried that he might not make it. Withoutthe doctor’s knowledge, she used her healing powers upon her brother and her best friend.

Michael awakens this early morning as the sun shines in through his window. Tubes go in and out every orafice upon Michael’s body Furthermore, wires connect him to various monitoring devices. Deborah still at his side, barely awake herself, nods to her brother to acknowledge that he is awake.

“Doctors!” Deborah, a petite brunette with chocolate brown eyes, screams from her brother’s room.

A nurse and doctor quickly respondThe tan skinned nurse with dark brown eyes, Lithaela Shivshander, and the tall statuesque blond doctor, Caleb Tudor, enter the room. The doctor begins taking Michael’s vitals as some of the tubes are now removed.

Michael gags as they remove the breathing tube, they used to intebate him, from his throat. After it is completely removed he coughs.

“Debbie…” he barely says.

“Hold on there, Mr. Reynolds,” Dr. Tudor says to his patient, who is looking up at him with a little disdain. “Your throat is going to hurt for a few hours. Limit your talking. Let it rest.”

With a grimmace, Michael nods in agreement. He rubs his throat as Dr. Tudor writes down the vitals in his chart.

“Outside of that, you’re vitals are good.” Caleb says looking over the chart. “We’re gonna keep you here for another day or two for observation. then you’ll be able to go home, Mr. Reynolds.”

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Episode 1: Origins Pt 1

Storm City, Dossier Park…

Michael Reynolds, a tall gentleman with chocolate brown eyes wearing a gray blazer over a white button down shirt and tan slacks with shined black shoes, takes a moonlit stroll through Dossier Park near downtown Storm City with his girlfriend, Linda McKay, who is wearing a long light blue floor length gown with thin spaghetti straps. He has been looking forward to this evening for weeks. Michael, earlier in the evening, took his buxom blonde girlfriend to Chez Magnific, a chic restaurant near the park. Awaiting them as they left the restaurant was a white horse drawn carriage. This provided the transportation to the park on this moonlit evening.

“My dear, this has been one fine evening,” Michael, a young brown headed gentleman, says to his beau.

“That it is,” she says as a chill comes over her as she rubs her arms to try and stay warm.

“Here.” he says taking off his grey blazer and wrapping it around her shoulders to keep her warm. Michael continues to look around for a good place to stop and sit. He, then, spots a nearby fountain with the statue, of the city’s founder, Edward Storm, on horseback leading a cavalry charge with sword drawn and pointed; in the middle.

“Let’s go over there and rest a bit,” Michael says nudging Linda towards the fountain.

“Uh, Okay…” she begrudgingly says while wondering what Michael is up to.

They both sit down and look at the stars while resting on the edge of the fountain. Linda lays her head upon Michael’s shoulder as he holds her.

“The night is so beautiful,” Linda says in a very sultry voice.

“That it is, though it still could not compare to you,” Michael says sliding the ring from his pants pocket.

He, then, slides her head off his shoulder. Linda feels a little dejected. That’s when Michael kneels down before her and slides on her left ring finger a half carat diamond ring with a band that is twisted bands of gold and silver.

“My love, will you do the honor ….”

Before Michael is able to finish asking Linda his question, all hell breaks loose. It happens so fast that no one knows what happens. Blood is strewn everywhere. There is screaming as Michael and Linda fight for their lives. The ring is lost in the fountain. Michael and Linda are left by the fountain, now filled with their blood, for dead. The young couple never knew what hit them or why.


What attacked Michael and Linda?

What is the fate of the young couple?

Find out in the next episode of Stealth…



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