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A New Arrival (Starshot Chronicles Episode 1) now Avaailable

The first Starshot Chronicles novel is available in multiple formats at A New Arrival is about the arrival of Starragaar on the planet of Rayna after escaping from the Coalition. It is available for the price of $2.99.

Click here to go to the page. If you enjoy the story please send some feedback. Until the end of 2012 enter the coupon code: ZQ47S and you will receive a free copy of the book.


-Bryan Rainey

Founder, Rainey Press

Author, Starshot Chronicles

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Episode 2: A New Arrival

Rillon Cottage at the Edge of Valendale Woods near Parrenthia…

JANEERI, a man with jet black spiky hair, tan fur with brown spots; works in his garden just on the outskirts of Parrenthia near the famed Valendale Woods. His brawker, a two-tailed canine, with short white fur and black spots; named Sebasti, lays under a nearby tree as Janeeri tills the ground getting ready to lay the next harvest’s crop.

Suddenly, his ears perk up as he hears a sonic boom from a distance far away. Janeeri’s head turns in the direction of the sonic boom. Sebasti’s head, also, perks up looking inquisitively at his master.

“Whur?” Sebasti says.

“Don’t know, Sebasti,” Janeeri says tossing down his tiller. “Let’s go check it out.”

Quickly, Sebasti jumps to all fours and the two begin sprinting through the woods. Janeeri knows they are getting closer due to the smell of the burning fuselage and the sound of the roaring fire.

The fire grows more intense as they close in on the crash site on the opposite side of the woods from Janeeri’s little cottage. Then, Janeeri and Sebasti stop in the bushes as they see the wreckage.

“What is that?” A confused Janeeri remarks. What he sees is a starfighter buried, partially, in the dirt as the fuselage of the wings burn and the plasmadrive to the right of the cockpit leaks near the kindling of part of the burning wing. “Is that a … metal bird?”

As Janeeri says this, the shattered cockpit opens only to have the glass completely break apart from the starship. From the starship, emerges a pilot who stumbles and falls onto the ground. The pilot, whose orange furred and black striped tail swishes back and forth, picks herself up off the ground and continues away from the ship. She is grabbing her right side with her left arm while her right arm in hanging limp. The pilot moans due the pain as she continues on.

Janeeri and Sebasti emerge from the bushes to go help the pilot, when a bright light comes before them forcing Janeeri to block his eyes with his arms. This light goes straight up into the air and out. the concussive force from the light sends the farmer and his brawker reeling into a large tree knocking the wind out of each of them. At the same time, the pilot is lifted into the air with her back being fried in the process. As the explosion of the starfighter subsides, she lands hard upon her face and bounces.

Janeeri, seeing the pilot injured, reaches for her, but quickly removes his hand as the pilot’s ancient katana-like blade, the tig-do-ra blade, which is melted and mutilated lands near her head where his hand previously was. Afterwards, Janeeri, still catching his breath, manages to crawl over to the pilot. Once there, he rolls her over to see how injured she is. The pilot’s helmet rolls off revealing a bruised female with red hair, orange fur with black stripes, and pointy ears. She stills continues to moan in pain.

“An alien female were-cat?!?” Janneri mutters aloud as he strains to stand up. He can feel the bruised ribs as he tries to breath normally. Then, Janeeri tries to lift the pilot off the ground as her body still is smoking from the explosion. Janeeri can smell the burnt fur and singed flesh.

“Whoa.” he remarks as he strains to lift the five foot four inch frame of the pilot. Then, he regains his composure and throws the pilot over his shoulder. “Uh, man, you’re heavier than I thought.”

Janeeri, then, whistles for Sebasti who comes to his master limping. The brawker looks up at his master with sad eyes. He is carrying the mangled blade in his mouth.

“We’ll get you checked out shortly. Come on, boy.” Janeeri tells the brawker at his feet.

Quickly, the two make their way through the woods over to Janeeri’s cottage. Once at the deep red wood cottage with front porch, Janeeri opens the front door and enters. He, then, moves through the quaint living room carrying the alien pilot. Then, he goes past the dining room into the master bedroom, where he sits her down upon the bed.

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Episode 1: A New Life

IT WAS LATE on a dark dreary night at St. Joseph’s Sanitarium just on the outskirts of Isis Hills. A young woman of twenty-two years was having trouble sleeping that night, just like every night. The drugs given to her by the doctors on manage to dull the headaches momentarily. Each night as she tries to go to sleep, it is as though the voices continue to get louder every night. On this particular night, the voices in her head are driving her completely insane. Kayla bites her nails and sweats profusely as she tries to fight the voices in her head. They don’t go away. Continually she mutters to herself for the voices to go away. The voices still won’t go away. She is becoming more frazzled by the moment. Kayla, then, screams rather loudly. Orderlies rush into her room.

“Stay away,” screams the frazzled young woman at the orderlies.

“Now calm down, Ms. Sanders,” the tall bulky dark skinned orderly tells Kayla as she stands upon her bed. “We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Get away,” she screams and pleads angrily as the orderlies come closer. Kayla feels energy swelling within her.

“Now, now, Kayla, just relax,” Felix, the younger red headed orderly tells her calmly as he holds a syringe in his right hand. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

“I said, get away from me!” She shouts at the orderlies as a shock wave of energy comes from Kayla sending them back into the wall next to the door.

Kayla is seething with anger now. Jumping out of bed, she rushes over to the unconscious orderlies and grabs one of their key rings. She, then, rushes out of her room headed for the nearest exit. Suddenly, Kayla falls to her knees crippled by the pain of the sheer amount of voices in her head. She grabs her head with her hands. Kayla, then, screams.

Quickly, she gets back to her feet and tries to push on through the sheer amount of pain. Kayla manages to stumble through the labyrinth of hallways which comprise the sanitarium. A look of madness over comes her as she falls to her knees once again. The pain has increased.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” Kayla screams at the top of her lungs.

A shockwave of energy is sent throughout the sanitarium. Everyone stops dead in their tracks and begins to go into a zombie-like state. Quickly, she picks up the ring of keys she recently dropped. Kayla, then, manages to make her way out of the sanitarium.

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Episode 1: The Prodigal Brother Returns

Cyprus Falls, Lester’s Diner

It was late in the evening, Elise is serving coffee to a strange gentleman on the edge of the small town of Cyprus Falls. The curly brunette waitress, wearing a blue uniform trimmed in white with a white apron, sense something is off about the pale face gentleman to whom she is serving. When the cup reaches half full he stops her.

“Thank you,” his melodic voice says. “That will be all.”

Elise stops pouring the coffee and walks away feeling as though she has just been dismissed making her irked. She continues on over to the counter where a couple of her coworkers, fellow waitresses, are staring at the strange pale faced gentleman. Elise looks at them rather quizzically.

“Don’t bother,” Elise tells the blonde, Heather, and the red-headed, Katie, waitresses.

“Oh?” They both remark with brow raised.

“He’s rude and rather smug.”

“But he is so gorgeous,” Heather says as she plays with her curly locks. “Look at his calm demeanor.”

Another strange pale skinned gentleman, similar in stature, joins the first shortly afterwards. This gentleman, loosely describes him, snaps his fingers for Elise to come back to the table and serve him.

“Brother, why must you always be so rude?” quips the first pale faced gentleman, wearing a fine dark blue blazer with grey shirt underneath and matching dark blue slacks with black boots.

“Ah, come off it, Will,” the black leather jacketed pale face gentleman states as Elise returns to the table a little angry. He motions for the same as his brother. Elise runs to get the coffee and rushes back. She fills his cup nearly full before dismissing her like a servant.

“Robert, she’s not your servant,” William spouts to his younger brother.

“You some sort of saint now?!?” Robert, a blond headed gentleman, tells his brother, the bronze-haired gentleman.

“No. I just think you should use some manners, dear brother.”William says to his younger brother.


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Episode 1: Resurrection pt 1

Below the Temple of Technus, the locks upon a sealed tomb begin to open one by one. Stale air rushes out from the containment pod as light shines into the total darkness encasing the figures within. The figure opens his eyes, as his circuits begin to reactivate and reboot his systems. Wearily, he steps out of the containment pod. For a few steps he stumbles, before falling to his knees.

“I’ve been reawakened from my slumber,” he mutters to himself. “Why?”

“I can answer that, my friend,” A silhouetted figure says standing in the doorway of the tomb.

Quickly, the weary warrior with bright blue circuitry lunges at the silhouetted figure while pulling an ionic blade from his back. He lands pointing the blade at the silhouetted priest. The red circuited priest, whose binary design is on the cuffs of his robe and trimms his hood, does not flinch as the ionic blade rests upon his neck.

“Away with the blade, Guardian,” the priest calmly states. “I have been expecting you.”

“Oh? Really?” Quizzically asks the guardian as he lowers his ionic blade. “Who are you, priest?”

“Priest, that I am.” he says walking out of the tomb as he pulls away his hood. “My name is Cardinale, Tech Radius.”

“And you know my name, how?” Tech asks as he looks down upon the priest, he stands nearly a foot taller than Cardinale.

“Not many remember anymore, my friend. The legends just state that a guardian freed the system from the Overlord of Chaos, known as Diablius the Harbringer.”

“Yes, I vaguely recall him.” Tech says as they start to walk through the catacombs. “But that seems to be one of my last memories.”

“Really?” Cardinale asks. “You helped secure the system and set forth the new regulations for the system.

“I don’t recall that.” Tech remarks as they near the lift to leave the catacombs to the main floor of the temple.

“Don’t worry. It’s been all thrown out anyways,” the priest tells the guardian.

“So what’s the problem?” Tech asks as they reach the lift.

“A security breach is causing havoc and chaos once again,” Cardinale says as he pushes the button for the lift to open.”

“Ah, now that makes sense.” Tech remarks as the lift door opens. “What are we up against?”

“It’s worse than before. the problem has spread throughout three systems already.” Cardinale says as they enter the lift.

“A quarter of the cyber realm,” Tech mutters as the lift door shut behind them. “I will need my team and battle chips.”

“Your old chips won’t be enough,” Cardinale told him as they start to head through several sublevels to reach the surface. “However, new ones were created to help, if any further uprisings by the Chaos Command.”

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Episode 1: Origins Pt 1

Storm City, Dossier Park…

Michael Reynolds, a tall gentleman with chocolate brown eyes wearing a gray blazer over a white button down shirt and tan slacks with shined black shoes, takes a moonlit stroll through Dossier Park near downtown Storm City with his girlfriend, Linda McKay, who is wearing a long light blue floor length gown with thin spaghetti straps. He has been looking forward to this evening for weeks. Michael, earlier in the evening, took his buxom blonde girlfriend to Chez Magnific, a chic restaurant near the park. Awaiting them as they left the restaurant was a white horse drawn carriage. This provided the transportation to the park on this moonlit evening.

“My dear, this has been one fine evening,” Michael, a young brown headed gentleman, says to his beau.

“That it is,” she says as a chill comes over her as she rubs her arms to try and stay warm.

“Here.” he says taking off his grey blazer and wrapping it around her shoulders to keep her warm. Michael continues to look around for a good place to stop and sit. He, then, spots a nearby fountain with the statue, of the city’s founder, Edward Storm, on horseback leading a cavalry charge with sword drawn and pointed; in the middle.

“Let’s go over there and rest a bit,” Michael says nudging Linda towards the fountain.

“Uh, Okay…” she begrudgingly says while wondering what Michael is up to.

They both sit down and look at the stars while resting on the edge of the fountain. Linda lays her head upon Michael’s shoulder as he holds her.

“The night is so beautiful,” Linda says in a very sultry voice.

“That it is, though it still could not compare to you,” Michael says sliding the ring from his pants pocket.

He, then, slides her head off his shoulder. Linda feels a little dejected. That’s when Michael kneels down before her and slides on her left ring finger a half carat diamond ring with a band that is twisted bands of gold and silver.

“My love, will you do the honor ….”

Before Michael is able to finish asking Linda his question, all hell breaks loose. It happens so fast that no one knows what happens. Blood is strewn everywhere. There is screaming as Michael and Linda fight for their lives. The ring is lost in the fountain. Michael and Linda are left by the fountain, now filled with their blood, for dead. The young couple never knew what hit them or why.


What attacked Michael and Linda?

What is the fate of the young couple?

Find out in the next episode of Stealth…



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Episode 1: Escape from the Coalition

On Board the Coalition Capital Cruiser, Eradicator…

STARRAGAAR, A YOUNG LOOKING REDHEADED Bengaali pilot, slips past some Coalition guards into the server room upon the Coalition Cruiser, Eradicator. From a pouch on her belt she slips out a crystalis data drive and slides it into the nearest port. The orange and black stripe furred Sentinel cadet begins downloading information from the Coalition computer system.

A sensor is set off in Lord Nemesis’ chambers. The one-eyed pale faced warlord rolls over and picks up an earpiece from the bedside table. Brushing aside his dark ponytail, He places it over his right ear and tunes it into the security channel for his Shadow Enforcers.

“Someone is downloading information from the computer system ,” the warlord growls over the headset. “Take your patrol and go check it out.”

“Yes, sir,” responds Ival Kornis, the Shadow Enforcer patrol commander.

As the information continues to download onto the drive, Starragaar hears a patrol coming by the door to the server room. The door creaks open, they look around and spot nothing. Before Starragaar can stop it, an Enforcer spots an involuntary back and forth movement of her orange and black striped tail. Too late, she grabs it and hisses. “You with the tail come out here,” calls Ival Kornis.

Slowly, Starragaar stands with her hands raised.

While straightening, she removes the drive with her tail and stashes it back into a pouch on her belt. The Shadow Enforcers motion with their pulse rifles for her to move out of the room. The Bengaali pilot creeps towards the black armored troops. The Enforcers notice the plasmasabre at the hip of the golden eyed Sentinel cadet.

“Hand over the plasmasabre,” the Shadow Enforcer Commander orders Starragaar. With one quick motion, Starragaar removes the plasmasabre from her hip, ignites it, and slashes one Enforcer in half.

She spins and takes off running away from the Enforcers. The Enforcers begin to fire upon the red headed Bengaali pilot. As she continues to run from the Coalition Shadow Enforcers one pulse blast hits a wall in front of her. The next shot hits that same wall near the left side of her head. Damn. That was close! I must find a way back to my ship.

Lord Nemesis keeping track of the activity through the security cameras is becoming irate at his Shadow Enforcers. The Coalition Warlord, now wearing a black silk robe with silver trim which is lettered with a simplistic design, screams into his ear piece. “Get her!!!”

“Yes, sir!” replies Ival Kornis as the Shadow Enforcers close upon Starragaar.

The Bengaali Sentinel Cadet turns the corner as a pulse blasts whizzes past her tail. Realizing that she cannot run forever, Starragaar begins sliding to a screeching halt.

This is ridiculous. She thought to herself as she gasps for air. I need to even out the odds somehow.

Starragaar hears their footsteps coming closer, so she decides to wait in the shadows. As the Coalition Shadow Enforcers begin to turn the corner, she unleashes he metallic claws through her hands. Quickly, the 75 year old, though she looks 25 years old, Bengaali pilot jumps out at the Enforcers shocking them.

With a quick slash through the chest, she takes out the Shadow Enforcer commander, and he falls to the ground bleeding to death. Then, she turns and quickly decapitates another with a quick uppercut to the head. The third, and final, Enforcer of the patrol is stabbed through the chest and shredded. Blood flies everywhere.

After the bloodshed fight, Starragaar falls to her knees in sheer exhaustion. The Bengaali is covered in Sciul blood, a bluish-green color. The former bodyguard of the Bengaali Motherlord tries to catch her breath while searching for a way out with a hair covered face.

“Must… find… a… way… back…” Starragaar barely manages to mumble to herself. That’s when she sees a metal grate along the floor of the wall. The ventilation shaft! That’s how I’ll make it back.

She, then, manages to crawl over to the grate. Starragaar uses her plasmasabre to burn open the ventilation grate. The red headed Bengaali pilot squeezes into the ventilation shaft and begins making her way over to the airlock where her starfighter is located.

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