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Episode 1: A New Life

IT WAS LATE on a dark dreary night at St. Joseph’s Sanitarium just on the outskirts of Isis Hills. A young woman of twenty-two years was having trouble sleeping that night, just like every night. The drugs given to her by the doctors on manage to dull the headaches momentarily. Each night as she tries to go to sleep, it is as though the voices continue to get louder every night. On this particular night, the voices in her head are driving her completely insane. Kayla bites her nails and sweats profusely as she tries to fight the voices in her head. They don’t go away. Continually she mutters to herself for the voices to go away. The voices still won’t go away. She is becoming more frazzled by the moment. Kayla, then, screams rather loudly. Orderlies rush into her room.

“Stay away,” screams the frazzled young woman at the orderlies.

“Now calm down, Ms. Sanders,” the tall bulky dark skinned orderly tells Kayla as she stands upon her bed. “We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Get away,” she screams and pleads angrily as the orderlies come closer. Kayla feels energy swelling within her.

“Now, now, Kayla, just relax,” Felix, the younger red headed orderly tells her calmly as he holds a syringe in his right hand. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

“I said, get away from me!” She shouts at the orderlies as a shock wave of energy comes from Kayla sending them back into the wall next to the door.

Kayla is seething with anger now. Jumping out of bed, she rushes over to the unconscious orderlies and grabs one of their key rings. She, then, rushes out of her room headed for the nearest exit. Suddenly, Kayla falls to her knees crippled by the pain of the sheer amount of voices in her head. She grabs her head with her hands. Kayla, then, screams.

Quickly, she gets back to her feet and tries to push on through the sheer amount of pain. Kayla manages to stumble through the labyrinth of hallways which comprise the sanitarium. A look of madness over comes her as she falls to her knees once again. The pain has increased.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” Kayla screams at the top of her lungs.

A shockwave of energy is sent throughout the sanitarium. Everyone stops dead in their tracks and begins to go into a zombie-like state. Quickly, she picks up the ring of keys she recently dropped. Kayla, then, manages to make her way out of the sanitarium.

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