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Episode 6: Starragaar Awakens

Rillon Cottage, Days Later…

STARRAGAAR AWAKENS in the strange bedroom. She clutches her head as she is still in a lot of pain. At first, her vision is blurry. Everything in the strange bedroom is fuzzy. Then, after a few moments, Starragaar’s sight starts to become clearer. At her feet sleeps Sebasti. She screams when she sees the brawker. Sebasti jumps as Vanolin, Tara, and Janeeri enter the room.

“This has got to be a dream or I’m in hell,” Starragaar mutters trying to clear her head and focus on where she is.

“Neither, love,” Janeeri says softly to her. “You crash landed here about a week ago, Starragaar.”

I lost a week?!? She though to herself.

“Your voice,” she says looking up at Janeeri as Sebasti jumps back up on the bed at her feet. “It’s soothing and familiar. You took care of me?”

“That I did.”

“And this is?” she asks as Sebasti comes closer to Starragaar.

“This be Sebasti, my brawker.”


“Well, canus doi-tailius, actually. Brawker, for short.” Janeeri replies.

“Someone I know well was here, too. I remember hearing his voice. I believe that he told you my name.” Starragaar says sitting up and petting Sebasti on the top of his head. Sebasti’s two tails wag wildly.

“Ah, that Gavin did, love,” Janeeri tells her. “My name is Janeeri; this is my brother Vanolin, and our friend Tara.”

“So Gavin’s here? Where?”

“Prisoner at Darkwind Keep,” Vanolin states. “I was sent to get help.”

“I believe that I can help,” Starragaar says, then, looks under the covers at herself. “But, um, let me get dressed first.”

Tara, then, turns on the Rillon brothers and shoves them out of the room. “Out with you two. I will help her. It’s a girl thing.”

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Episode 1: Escape from the Coalition

On Board the Coalition Capital Cruiser, Eradicator…

STARRAGAAR, A YOUNG LOOKING REDHEADED Bengaali pilot, slips past some Coalition guards into the server room upon the Coalition Cruiser, Eradicator. From a pouch on her belt she slips out a crystalis data drive and slides it into the nearest port. The orange and black stripe furred Sentinel cadet begins downloading information from the Coalition computer system.

A sensor is set off in Lord Nemesis’ chambers. The one-eyed pale faced warlord rolls over and picks up an earpiece from the bedside table. Brushing aside his dark ponytail, He places it over his right ear and tunes it into the security channel for his Shadow Enforcers.

“Someone is downloading information from the computer system ,” the warlord growls over the headset. “Take your patrol and go check it out.”

“Yes, sir,” responds Ival Kornis, the Shadow Enforcer patrol commander.

As the information continues to download onto the drive, Starragaar hears a patrol coming by the door to the server room. The door creaks open, they look around and spot nothing. Before Starragaar can stop it, an Enforcer spots an involuntary back and forth movement of her orange and black striped tail. Too late, she grabs it and hisses. “You with the tail come out here,” calls Ival Kornis.

Slowly, Starragaar stands with her hands raised.

While straightening, she removes the drive with her tail and stashes it back into a pouch on her belt. The Shadow Enforcers motion with their pulse rifles for her to move out of the room. The Bengaali pilot creeps towards the black armored troops. The Enforcers notice the plasmasabre at the hip of the golden eyed Sentinel cadet.

“Hand over the plasmasabre,” the Shadow Enforcer Commander orders Starragaar. With one quick motion, Starragaar removes the plasmasabre from her hip, ignites it, and slashes one Enforcer in half.

She spins and takes off running away from the Enforcers. The Enforcers begin to fire upon the red headed Bengaali pilot. As she continues to run from the Coalition Shadow Enforcers one pulse blast hits a wall in front of her. The next shot hits that same wall near the left side of her head. Damn. That was close! I must find a way back to my ship.

Lord Nemesis keeping track of the activity through the security cameras is becoming irate at his Shadow Enforcers. The Coalition Warlord, now wearing a black silk robe with silver trim which is lettered with a simplistic design, screams into his ear piece. “Get her!!!”

“Yes, sir!” replies Ival Kornis as the Shadow Enforcers close upon Starragaar.

The Bengaali Sentinel Cadet turns the corner as a pulse blasts whizzes past her tail. Realizing that she cannot run forever, Starragaar begins sliding to a screeching halt.

This is ridiculous. She thought to herself as she gasps for air. I need to even out the odds somehow.

Starragaar hears their footsteps coming closer, so she decides to wait in the shadows. As the Coalition Shadow Enforcers begin to turn the corner, she unleashes he metallic claws through her hands. Quickly, the 75 year old, though she looks 25 years old, Bengaali pilot jumps out at the Enforcers shocking them.

With a quick slash through the chest, she takes out the Shadow Enforcer commander, and he falls to the ground bleeding to death. Then, she turns and quickly decapitates another with a quick uppercut to the head. The third, and final, Enforcer of the patrol is stabbed through the chest and shredded. Blood flies everywhere.

After the bloodshed fight, Starragaar falls to her knees in sheer exhaustion. The Bengaali is covered in Sciul blood, a bluish-green color. The former bodyguard of the Bengaali Motherlord tries to catch her breath while searching for a way out with a hair covered face.

“Must… find… a… way… back…” Starragaar barely manages to mumble to herself. That’s when she sees a metal grate along the floor of the wall. The ventilation shaft! That’s how I’ll make it back.

She, then, manages to crawl over to the grate. Starragaar uses her plasmasabre to burn open the ventilation grate. The red headed Bengaali pilot squeezes into the ventilation shaft and begins making her way over to the airlock where her starfighter is located.

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